08/16/22 | Anita Engström

besviken matte

jättebra produkt, men blev dyr i längden då padsen som ska suga upp vätskan har varit tillfälligt slut i flera månader. Är väldigt besviken därför!!!!
08/13/22 | Lisa Gilmore


I’ve been waiting for this product to come to Sweden for 12 YEARS!! It is THE BEST litterbox, litter & pad system in the USA. SO easy to use, easy to clean, NO LITTER TRACKING, no horrible smell. I’ve used it for 20+ years. You can adjust it to your cats needs which is the BEST way to keep the CATS happy and YOU happy! I have 3 cats and change the pad according to how much they output. The litter is the best because it is shiny, so it doesn’t stick to long-haired cats feet!

No smell & no mess!

Incredibly easy to clean & maintain. No more yucky sand feeling when passing by (this was especially nice when we had a small bathroom & his litterbox was right next to the toilet.) My cat is now 12 years old, going on 13 & we have used the Breeze system for the past 11 years. I will never go back to regular catsand systems.

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Missa inte personliga erbjudanden, kampanjer och rabatter!
Missa inte personliga erbjudanden, kampanjer och rabatter!
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